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Often called a “Renaissance Man”, Siberian Canadian artist Zinour Fathoullin has achieved excellence in both fine art and dance.

Born and educated in Russia, Zinour is classically trained in art and dance. He had a successful ballet, folk and native dance career as a principal dancer. After graduating from fine art college in 1979, he was promptly hired by the government. Installations include graphic works for State advertisements, metal and reliefs, mosaics, stained glass compositions and oil portraits.

Since moving to Canada in 1990, Zinour established a dance school in Ontario and an internationally acclaimed and world toured Inuit dance group (Sikumiut/People of the Ice) in Nunavut. From 1996 to 2001, he taught art and dance at Nunavut Arctic College.

Solo exhibitions of his paintings, sculptures and portraits have been held in New York, Toronto, France, Belgium, the Ukraine, Greenland, Alaska, the Canadian and Siberian Arctic, and Calgary, Canada.  Commissioned works are currently installed in Corporate Calgary, The Calgary Board of Education, the Nunavut Legislature, the Premier of Nunavut’s Office and various private collections. Zinour has been awarded grants from the NWT and Nunavut Art Councils, Alberta Foundation of the Arts and the Canada Arts Council.  Dance commissions include collaborations with Susan Aglukark and Paul Brandt.

An Olympics Games endorsed artist, Zinour’s “Inuksuk Legacy” logo was launched at the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games.

Zinour’s legacy portrait series “Women of the West - Unsung Heroines and Rebels” celebrates women who have changed the face of western Canada. Hayley Wickenheiser, Senator Elaine McCoy and Kathy Sendall are among his subjects as well as Metis Elder Victoria Callihoo and Dr. Mary Percy Jackson.

Zinour was announced as being in the top 30 artists in Canada in 2009.

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